To Use or Not Use Alternate Treatment-That is the Question

Choices in life are limitless, allowing all to make decisions and never know where their potentials will lead. As humans, everyone must make choices, which car to buy, whether to send their children to a private school or buy a home, or even whether a pet is the right decision for the family. Choices are part of our daily experiences; some are simple, like whether to eat toast or hash browns, others are exceedingly more difficult, such as the choice of treatment for cancer. When the road to recovery takes a turn for the worst, what choices lie beyond the allopathic medicine that failed, or made a person so sick he or she couldn’t move, leaving a loved one barely able to breath?

Holistic medicine, alternative treatment and even specialty diets seem to crop up on every webpage concentrating on cancer treatments. Many people have great hope that these treatments will work; others criticize the idea of treating cancer with such simple remedies. Who is right? Do alternative treatments work, or are the companies that make these treatments just feeding off of the families with little hope left?

Here at Monty’s Corner, we work diligently to find information to guide you towards the answers you seek concerning cancer treatment for you and/or your loved ones. In an effort to find answers to questions and concerns about alternative treatment, or treatments that are outside the normal and medically accepted treatments for cancer, we have compiled research in favor and disapproving of alternative medicines as well as patient and family feelings surrounding these alternative options so frequently found on the internet today. Over the course of several articles we will divulge everything we have found concerning alternative medicine to aid you in finding the correct choice for you and your loved ones.

After scrolling through hundreds of opinionated pages on alternative treatments, we have found that the majority of patients and family members, 67%, using or considering the use of alternative medicine are hopeful that an alternate management truly works, while ten percent are skeptic that such easy alternatives would be worth trying. Among the hopeful were patients who had treated themselves for prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and more. They used many forms of treatment, from pawpaw tea to extreme doses of vitamins and minerals. Twenty three percent of patients and/or family members are seeking answers and are unsure whether to look into alternative treatments or not.

Like those who are uncertain, we here at Monty’s Corner have been left with an unsettling opinion of hesitation and are neither approving nor disapproving alternative cancer treatments. After reading many articles on alternative treatments, we believe more research needs to be conducted for alternative medicines in effort to better answer whether alternate treatment does or does not work. If alternate treatment works, then additional research needs to be completed showing which treatments work and which do not.

Through the course of several articles, we will share our findings concerning holistic and alternative medicine to inform you of the information available surrounding your treatment options outside of allopathic medicines. It is our hope that through information one of life’s bleak choices will be made a little easier through information we have provided concerning alternate medical treatments. With limited information, choosing to treat or not treat with alternate medicine is tough. Whatever choice you make is the right one for you and your loved one.