Reiki for Cancer

Our guest Dawn Fleming - Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Teacher, and Author, explains Reiki for parents with children with cancer

What is this mysterious energy technique called Reiki? It seems as if it is being talked about everywhere. Oprah and Dr. Oz both have raved about the benefits of receiving Reiki. Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1920s when it was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui and it is currently being practiced and taught in every country. Reiki is an energy therapy that can be performed with hands on or above the body. The client always remains clothed. Reiki can accelerate the healing process, reduce pain levels, restore balance, release energy blocks, reduce stress, calm the emotions, and help the mind focus and find clarity.

How does Reiki work? The human body is not only biological (bones, skin, and organs) and chemical (blood and hormones), it is also energetic. Scientists have discovered that energy exists in every cell in the body as well as existing between the cells. This energy, also referred to as chi, ki or prana in eastern cultures, is necessary to maintain health and well-being in the body. Stress, poor life style choices, lack of rest, and many other factors decrease the body’s energy resources and over time will actually create an environment that allows disease to manifest in the body. When the body experiences stress or disease it is an indication that the body’s energy levels are low, blocked, non existent, or trapped causing an implosion of the energy. During a Reiki session the trained practitioner facilitates the flow of Universal energy into the client’s body to restore their energy and support the body's innate healing abilities. When the body’s energy is restored it supports the immune system and all the organs, glands, blood, bones, etc. in keeping the body in balance, thus restoring health.

Over the past few years Western medicine has acknowledged the benefit of energy therapies - Reiki being one of these recognized modalities. Reiki is being offered in many hospitals. Some cancer treatment centers offer Reiki as it has been shown to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, restore energy, and assist the body to heal. Many sports medicine clinics are integrating Reiki into their treatments. Athletes are even requesting Reiki treatments. Reiki practitioners are offering sessions right before surgery and post op in the hospital. More and more doctors, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists are seeking Reiki training to integrate it with their allopathic treatments.

Reiki brings comfort, restores balance, and assists the body to maintain health and well-being. There are many clinical studies that have been done proving Reiki’s effectiveness. Many hospitals offer Reiki, but you have to request it in order to receive it. Even healthy people are partaking of monthly Reiki sessions in order to keep their energy stores in balance to support their body, mind, and emotions from getting out of balance and to help them to focus their energy to reach their goals.

Many people associate Reiki as being only for adults; however, children can also benefit from receiving and/or learning Reiki. Parents that have learned Reiki use it to help their children relax, focus, recover from surgery and other traumas, and improve their grades.

Let’s start with Reiki and babies. Nurses practicing Reiki in neonatal intensive care units in hospitals in the United States and Canada provide short Reiki sessions to preemies struggling to survive. The hands-on or above their body helps the preemies on all levels as they strive to gain weight and to breathe on their own. Reiki also helps the parents to relax as they undergo this stressful situation. As the baby returns home, Reiki is good to help soothe a colicky or fuzzy baby or one that just does not want to sleep. It is also good to do Reiki over the area where the baby received his or her shots.

Reiki can be done while holding the baby and just letting it flow wherever it is needed. You can hold the baby’s pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal and send Reiki into it, giving the baby a source of energy while they sleep. In the right amount (not more than 10 minutes for a baby), Reiki is great in helping the baby acclimate to the new world they are living in. It is helpful for the new mother to receive Reiki to support her to deal with the changes and added stress as well as the hormonal fluctuations.

Reiki for toddlers and school-aged children helps to accelerate the healing process for all the bumps and bruises as well as more serious conditions such as illness or broken bones. Since children are relatively new to the world, it takes less energy to have an effect on the body. They do not have preconceived ideas of whether healing is or is not going to happen and their openness allows the energy to work more quickly. Therefore, 10 to 20 minute sessions are all that is needed. Otherwise, the child could become hyper. Giving Reiki to a toddler may consist of having them sit on your lap and receive a treatment while they watch a video. Or having them lie on a table or sit in a chair with their favorite book while you do a short session. After the toddler stage the child can lie down on the table while you do a session. Music or a video can be used, if needed. Children will sometimes open up and talk about what is on their mind during a session. They might also discuss seeing colors around their body.

Teenagers benefit from Reiki as they go through the many changes caused by their hormones that have become more active. Reiki helps them to deal with stress, find balance in their changing body, and find clarity while studying for and taking tests. It also helps balance and calm the emotions when they are stuck in anxiety and or depression. Some teenagers are very open to receiving Reiki. Others are not all that excited about it. Those teenagers that are not excited about a session can lie on the table with their iPod in their ear and tune out. Reiki sessions on teenagers last between 30 to 50 minutes.

Reiki classes for children are offered around the world. These classes typical are for ages 7-14 and are usually shorter in length. The children are taught what Reiki is and how to use it. They are attuned to Reiki and have the opportunity to practice on themselves and on another child. It is really amazing to hear what comes out of their mouths when they begin to practice Reiki. On many occasions the children talk about seeing auras, colors, or light. Some children feel and sense heat or cold when working on another person. Children usually are more open and sensitive and the feedback that they provide is honest and heartwarming such as “Reiki feels like a big hug that lasts a very long time.”

Reiki provides a variety of benefits for children, especially those that have many challenges. As Reiki balances the body’s energy, pain levels are reduced, healing is promoted, and the side effects of chemo and radiation treatments as well as other toxic drug treatments are decreased. Children feel the loving effects of Reiki and respond with a smile when it is offered.

Dawn Fleming -Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Teacher, and Author. Dawn sees clients in her Chandler, AZ, office and has a very active distance Reiki practice.