Open Up Your Child's Inner Healing Abilities With Bedtime Stories

By Stacy Casaluci, Independent Writing and Editing Professional, Los Angeles, USA

Most of us realize the importance of a good bedtime story as children and parents, or reading before we go to sleep at night as an adult. It’s a way to wind down, relax our minds, or take us away to another place.

It helps our children’s minds focus on something other than their own daily lives and what they did or didn’t accomplish. Reading before falling asleep can be a comforting transition between the waking world and the world of dreams. It can help our children practice thinking about what they want their minds to focus on while they’re sleeping.

Reading a positive story at bedtime is a wonderful way to channel that focus. It sets the tone for our children’s dreams and how they wake. We should remember no matter what our age is, we can still go wherever we want to go and do whatever we want to do in our dreams.

Having those thoughts and feelings before our children fall sleep, allows them to find that place within themselves where they can find peace. A peace in knowing that in their minds they can be healthy and strong. They can be hopeful and brave. In their mind, they get to choose what they want to think about. They have control and they are in charge. In their mind, they can be powerful.

Bedtime stories are the key that opens the door to the world of dreams, where anything is possible.

"Miracles love a believer, if you choose to believe, anything you imagine, can become more than a dream." ~~ from Miracles Love a Believer, by Stacy Manning Casaluci