Cancer Resources


Monty’s Corner aims to provide you with access to the best information sources on childhood cancers from around the world covering diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, clinical trials and more…

In order to bring you this information, we reviewed a broad number of sites from different countries. The material offered by these sites was then assessed from the perspective of someone seeking a key set of information and then each site was ranked based on the quality of the information.

What do we mean by "Quality Information?

When an information seeker reads a piece of text:

  • does s/he understands the information easily?
  • is s/he satisfied with the information?
  • does s/he feel the need to go elsewhere to get more information on that particular topic?

Please note that we did not include the following as part our scoring criteria:

  • Correctness of information on a particular topic
  • Comprehensiveness of the topics such as diagnosis and treatments.

We have reviewed websites providing cancer information originated from the UK, USA and Australia and gave a scoring of GOOD, MEDIUM or POOR.

Montycon smiling - GOOD
Montycon neutral - MEDIUM
Montycon sad - POOR


At the end of this section, you will also find the sites which scored "poor".

We will appreciate if you give us feedback, make suggestions or tell us what other information you are seeking and cannot find.

We want to make sure that you know where to get the best quality information on childhood cancers.