Cancer Charity Volunteers – Virtual Volunteering

Become a Virtual Volunteer with Monty's Corner

Donate your time and skills online, you too can make an important contribution to the fight against childhood cancers.

Volunteering / Student Internships – in the virtual world

Monty’s Corner operates entirely through the internet. We are run completely by volunteers who live all over the world. No one is paid for their work. Everyone contributes their time willingly, knowing what they do will make a difference.

To volunteer, all you need is some spare time, somewhere to work from and an internet connection. You will also need an email address to stay in contact. This will be our main way of communicating with you.

If you have these, and a genuine desire to help prevent childhood cancers, then why not become a virtual volunteer with Monty’s Corner?

Do you have what it takes?

If you have professional experience that could make a valuable contribution to our work then please get in touch today.

Many of our volunteers are professional people who feel they lack the satisfaction they want from their current employment. Many say that volunteering with Monty’s Corner has helped them find that elusive sense of reward.

Long-term volunteers with Monty’s Corner are free to choose their own work title and decide how their skills can best contribute.

If you only have a limited amount of time to spare, many of these tasks also lend themselves well to short-term volunteering for specific projects.

We need volunteers with a wide range of professional skills: from health care to business development to translation and media skills.

We're very keen to hear from you if:

  • you're a graduate looking for experience
  • you're caring for children but want to do something that takes you beyond the home
  • you have a few weeks or months to spare and want to use the time constructively
  • you're retired but still want to use your hard-won expertise and experience
  • you work part time and have a few hours or days free a week
  • you want experience working in the charity sector
  • you'd like a real sense of reward

You could help by gathering and collating information about childhood cancers, conducting online research, helping with research analysis, monitoring the news, answering queries, writing and editing reports, social media, developing new ideas to grow the website.

Volunteering with Monty’s Corner is rewarding. But it's also a serious commitment that will require real time on your part and a willingness to see your commitment through.

We would need you to:

  • have a genuine willingness to help
  • have the self-discipline and motivation to work on your own
  • work to a professional standard
  • be able to communicate directly and sincerely
  • have a realistic idea of the skills and time you will be bringing – some of our positions can be demanding

You can of course stop volunteering whenever you like. If you really cannot see a project through we would ask that you give us enough notice to hand your work over to someone else.

Volunteers / Interns needed for the following areas

  • Website server/module updates for Drupal 7 and above
  • Literature search on PubMed for causes of childhood cancers (2010 to date) – good for public health students
  • Literature search on Internet for childhood cancers - general
  • Website content re-organisation
  • Internet search for resources linked to childhood cancers on specific topics
  • Partner relations - reaching out to potential content contributors on specific subjects
  • Contributing self-experiences
  • Story writing for young children
  • Online store product management
  • Website content updates / proof reading
  • Ring of Yellow Heart event organisation for 2020/2021

We look forward to hearing from you.Contact us today to discuss what opportunities there are for you.