Story: Monty Learns to Ride

It is Monty’s birthday, and he can’t wait to get home from school to find out what he has received for his birthday. He got hope, flowing with excitement and he is so happy with what he sees before his eyes. It’s a new Bike! The bike is blue with white stripes. He thinks to himself that they must be racing stripes to make him go faster. There is only one problem with this present. He doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Monty thinks to himself that he knows exactly the correct person to go to to ask if he could learn how to ride a bike.

Monty walks round to the man’s house, it’s his neighbour who he has known for ages. He used to be a professional cyclist and won many races before. The man let Monty into his house to talk and that’s when Monty saw his trophy shelf. There were loads of trophies, too many to count. One day, Monty said to himself, he would win bike trophies, just like his new coach. Monty explained to the ex-professional cyclists his dream and he agreed to coach him.

There first session was in the park and Monty had decided to put stabilizers on his bike, just while he was learning. He kept falling off his bike, despite the stabilizers. His coach said it was normal, and that he fell of his bike many times when he was learning. It was only natural for someone who is going to be amazing.

In the first week, he kept falling off his bike, but it was getting better. In the second week, he only fell off twice and in the third week he didn’t fall off at all. He was feeling so confident that he saw an advert for a bike race, and he entered it. He had a problem though, he hadn’t ridden without his stabilizers on. He had two weeks until the race.

The next day he tried without his stabilizers on all day but fell off every time. He was panicking. Monty had cuts all over himself and wanted to give up. He was so close to giving up. The he talked to his coach and his coach said “I wouldn’t be training you if I didn’t believe in you”. This made Monty think to himself ‘I can do it’.

The next day, he tried again. For the first time, he didn’t fall off. Now he really believed. He kept improving until the day of the big race came.

It was the day of the big race and Monty felt he was ready and so did his coach. The start martial said “3, 2, 1, GO”. Monty pushed off and went straight into the lead, he was pulling away from the group apart from one other person, who was just behind him.

Throughout the race the lead changed between Monty and the other cyclist. They were neck and neck. Suddenly, Monty noticed something, the other bike didn’t have the racing stripes his bike had. He suddenly felt very confident.

It was then final stretch, Monty was just behind and he thought to himself ‘these racing stripes will make me win’. He started gaining on the person in first place, closer, closer, closer. They were both at the line. MONTY WINS. He won by a whisker. His coach came over to him and said “I always believed in you”.

Monty lifted the trophy, his first of many to come. Monty’s racing stripes won him the race and his trophy.