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Complementary Therapies
Wide range of complementary therapies which can be used alongside mainstream medicine to help improve the quality of life in children with cancer.
Read the inspiring stories of children around the world who have refused to let their cancer diagnoses stop them living life to the full and fulfilling their dreams…
Practical Guidance to cope through cancer journey
Expert advice on practical ways of coping with the emotional impact of cancer for you, your children and your family, and information on other sources of help and support.
Cancer Information
A comprehensive, regularly-updated round-up of the best sources of information on childhood cancers, providing access to quality articles from around the world.

Surprise a CHILD!

Having a child diagnosed with cancer is not just a medical journey - it is a terribly difficult and heart-wrenching emotional experience for everyone close to the child.

Although medical treatments and outcomes are unique to the individuals, the feelings and behaviours that follow diagnosis show commonality regardless of location and background. It is how we learn to cope. At Monty's Corner, we would like to encourage families to celebrate every positive milestone you experience. Below are a few examples of what may be a positive milestone:

Going into remission
First time coming home from the hospital
Birthday while on treatment
Staying in the hospital during festive seasons such as Christmas
Being brave during radiotherapy (it can be scary for young children)
Completing all treatments
...and many more reasons

Monty is there with you to spread encouragement and hope!

Please get in touch with us to arrange a Monty Gift for the Child you care.

Please contact us early in advance if you are aiming for a specific date.


Recommended Reading

Books to read on cancer specifically written for Children, Teens and Siblings of a child with cancer.

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Call from Canada - Open to all!

A new University of British Columbia Research Project has begun - Maternal Caregivers of Paediatric Brain Tumour Survivors in Canada: Investigating our Lived Experiences

"No one has studied mothers who care-give for paediatric brain tumour survivors in Canada. We are often socially alienated by the work we perform for our survivor, and we are definitely financially challenged, as we can only work part-time, if at all." says Susan Lymbery, EdD(c), Doctoral Candidate Researcher & Caregiver. Contact Susan on to share your experience to contribute to her research project.