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Drawing by Child with Cancer
Journey Through Cancer - by Melanie

The volcano stands for all the pain and anger I went through.
The lightning cloud in the sky is being turned into a nice calm sky by flying platelets.
The mountains represent my blood counts going up and down.
The sleeping blue ball is when I went to theatre.
The blobs show when I was having countless platelet and blood transfusions.
The river shows how quickly the chemotherapy lowered all my blood counts.
The rainbow on the left mountain means friendship, which is always there.
The red flow is the red blood cells carrying oxygen to the heart from the oxygen room.

Experiencing cancer is an ordeal for your child and each member in the family. Seek supportive care and information on how to protect your child’s emotional wellbeing and to help with struggles occurring in their daily lives due to significant adjustments made during cancer treatments: school, friends, play, fantasy, creativity, body image, sense of beauty, identity, self-confidence, trust in you as a parent, relation with their siblings and so on.
As a parent, you need assistance for possible practical, social, financial difficulties. Siblings also need help to understand the situation and to cope with it.


Surprise a Child!

surprise a child with cancer Having a child diagnosed with cancer is not just a medical journey - it is a terribly difficult and heart-wrenching emotional experience for everyone close to the child.
Although medical treatments and outcomes are unique to the individuals, the feelings and behaviours that follow diagnosis show commonality regardless of location and background. It is how we learn to cope.


At Monty's Corner, we would like to encourage families to celebrate every positive milestone you experience. Below are a few examples of what may be a positive milestone:

Going into remission
First time coming home from the hospital
Birthday while on treatment
Staying in the hospital during festive seasons such as Christmas
Being brave during radiotherapy (it can be scary for young children)
Completing all treatments
...and many more reasons

Monty is there with you to spread encouragement and hope!

Please get in touch with us to arrange a Monty Gift for the Child you care.

Please contact us early in advance if you are aiming for a specific event.

Virtual Volunteering
Donate your time and skills online to help grow Monty's Corner wherever you are in the world! For us, time is more valuable than money. Research projects for students and interns.
What do we know about childhood cancers? We monitor epidemiological research (severely underfunded area) into the causes of childhood cancers studied internationally.